The perfect home box or a fully functional plant room

Tailored perfectly to your space

Benefit from your investment

If you want to grow your own plants, we'll help you get set up with exactly the right home box equipment. It basically costs more to build a fully functional plant room - so it's much easier and simpler to set up a tent and start your own production. On request, we will send you an offer that is perfectly tailored to your apartment, cellar or garage.

If you have more space or are growing cannabis commercially, you may need to consider a larger grow room. While it costs a bit more, it's definitely a much more convenient way to grow cannabis. You can get bigger yields, grow bigger plants, and to have enough space to do everything in one room can be tricky in tents.

Our development team ensures that you really benefit from your investment and that you keep an eye on the essentials. After a needs analysis, we will be happy to advise you in the following areas below.

Lighting system

There are many options for lights, with NDL, HPS, and LED lights being the most popular. While HID lights are extremely powerful and can be used in combination with reflectors to shine as much usable light as possible on your plants. LEDs offer a cooler solution and deliver as much light as metal halogen or sodium vapor but without the same power consumption and heat. LEDs are more expensive to buy but you will quickly notice the difference in cost after just a few electricity bills.

The larger your commercial grow space, the more light you will need. More lights lead to an increased need for temperature control, as they give off a lot of heat. It is essential that ventilation and climate control are perfectly optimized for your room.


Irrigation system

The larger your commercial grow space, the less practical it becomes to hand water. An irrigation system saves you a lot of work and money in the long run by delivering exactly the amount of water you need every time and giving your employees more time for more important tasks. Even watering also results in more consistent quality and yield.

Climate Control

There are various elements of air conditioning that have to be taken into account. The temperature, of course, as the lighting system generates a significant amount of heat. A properly sized AC unit will provide better stability over longer cycles. In addition to installing industrial dehumidifiers, your ventilation system is also adjusted to the humidity in the room. In order to create optimal growth conditions and plants with strong trunks, constant air movement (circulating air ventilation) in the room is important.

Medium and Fertilizer

Which plant substrate (soil, coconut, perlite, rock wool, etc.) is best suited for cultivation must be tailored to the wishes and needs of our customers. Of course, the fertilizer, your plant-based food, also plays an important role in the quality of your end product.

Pest Control

With the help of preventive measures, sophisticated spraying plans and the use of biological agents, pests and diseases can be successfully kept in check. The use of beneficial insects such as Amblyseilus Caifornicus and Cucumeris has proven itself at Marihuana Pharms.


We deliver orders of 250g or more of CBD hemp flowers and trim on wholesale terms. Contact us for more information on the availability of the different varieties (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse) and quantities. Our CBD oils are also available in large quantities.